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Nelly Shaw is a tourism-marketing professional with over 18 years experience in writing for and working with innovative tourism businesses and government agencies. She lives on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia with her graphic designer husband Steve, two kids and cute as a button corgi-x; Mr Chips!


“It helped us identify gaps in processes and communication in different areas of the business and gave us the ideal opportunity to rectify these. What we expected to be a difficult and time consuming task turned into an interesting and valuable project” says Michelle Raki of Arthurs Seat Eagle, 2017 Victorian Tourism Awards Gold Medal [...]

Awards are a just a sham. Right?

Too often we’ve heard the lament from business owners that “awards are a sham and simply not worth it.” We agree, you can tie yourself in knots trawling over metrics, interpreting data and writing reports. You can get snowed down in detail as you unpack all the activities you’ve squeezed into a year of work. [...]

Outsourcing your submission

How does outsourcing deliver success? One of the great advantages of outsourcing your submission writing to a third party is the time and headache it saves you and your team while still developing insights throughout the process. While there are costs involved in engaging a professional writer, the hidden costs of producing an in-house submission [...]