“It helped us identify gaps in processes and communication in different areas of the business and gave us the ideal opportunity to rectify these. What we expected to be a difficult and time consuming task turned into an interesting and valuable project” says Michelle Raki of Arthurs Seat Eagle, 2017 Victorian Tourism Awards Gold Medal Winner.

With only 6 months of business operations under their belt, Arthurs Seat Eagle found they had a lot to gain from entering the Victorian Tourism Awards. The detailed examination of business strategy and process was like yoga for their business.

Fitness and self awareness

Writing a submission is a journey of business self-awareness. By committing to a regular routine of internal review, a fast growing business can become mindful of big picture goals, increase competitive fitness and adopt a flexible approach towards emerging trends and challenges. In writing an award submission, you make a record of the business life, acknowledge folks in the road, values, goals and benchmarks.

Rewards on many levels

Like any wellbeing and fitness program, the positive effects are realised on many levels. As well as delivering health benefits to the business, entering awards can also be a valuable source of motivation for the team.

“It was great to have everything we had achieved and were driving for on one page” Matt Bebe, Mornington Peninsula Brewery – 2017 Victorian Tourism Award Bronze Medal Winner.

Being aligned with an award-winning business, the team receive recognition for a job well done, an improved collective consciousness and are set on the path to enlightenment (otherwise referred to as continuous business improvement)!

Feeling good, looking great

Apart from the internal rewards of business health and staff wellbeing, winning an award can also make your business look hot!

After winning in a recognised awards program, customers, media outlets, third party distributors and government stakeholders will all start to turn their heads. The tangible value of quality endorsement, referral and positive PR can add up to many thousands of dollars and serve your business in a multitude of ways.

“The Tourism Awards have been a fabulous opportunity to showcase our business on a national level and to appreciate that our tourism offerings are of a gold standard. I would definitely recommend investing the time to enter these awards; our business and region have been showcased on platforms that would not be possible otherwise.” Sonia Anthony, Masons of Bendigo – 2016Victorian Tourism Award Gold Winner.

And if you keep on winning and improving, you might just hold the attention of your chosen audience for more than a fleeting moment with a chance at developing a long and meaningful relationship.

While any self respecting guru will tell you it’s your (business) inner beauty that counts the most, conventional wisdom also observes that a little external appreciation never hurt anyone:)