Our Awards Writing team are experienced communicators with a keen interest in the stories of business and the people who drive them.

The process of entering awards can be extremely rewarding. It can bring clarity, define goals, identifying obstacles, opportunities and ultimately give your business a voice.

For large companies, entering individual managers in an industry awards program can be a strengthening exercise – helping to build a team culture that celebrates wins and sustainable achievements.

Our team have award writing experience across multiple industries from tourism to the financial sector, agri-business, hospitality, hotels, education, recreation & fitness, small business and parks.

We’ve worked with all sorts of business teams from large decentralised organisations with divisions across Australia and New Zealand to state government agencies, simple start-ups and local family businesses. This broad perspective enables our team to identify a business’s strengths, even if they might not.

What we offer:

  • Dissemination and advice of awards eligibility, criteria and submission requirements
  • Full project cost estimate including videography and graphic design criteria
  • Full project management and real time reporting using online tools
  • Research of plans and strategies including interviews with individual team members
  • Up to 12 submissions at once
  • Quick turnarounds – from 14 days depending on the program requirements

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