How does outsourcing deliver success?

One of the great advantages of outsourcing your submission writing to a third party is the time and headache it saves you and your team while still developing insights throughout the process. While there are costs involved in engaging a professional writer, the hidden costs of producing an in-house submission are the many hours of lost productivity and the increased risk of an adverse result.

Most submission writing tasks, require formulating a response to a complex set of criteria, against a field of competitors. The writing requires time and focus and is not easily achieved in the normal day to day operations of a business. Sometimes the task requires a multi-level analysis that can be hampered by a frenetic work environment. Deadlines assist in cranking up the pressure and you or your team end up leaving the project tasks to the last minute and the submission suffers.

A third party, operating at arms length, has the advantage of seeing clearly when you are bogged down in the detail. A good writer will seek out and communicate the heart of the matter: your product, services, your vision, goals, strategy and strengths. Couple that clear view with a knowledge of best practice, the program criteria and the experience of a seasoned business writer and you have yourself a winning formula.


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