Documents, Plans and Strategies in a Rapidly Changing World

Are you in need of an experienced facilitator to guide your team or project through the next phase of creative re-invention?

As a nationally recognised submission writer and business consultant, The Submission Writer can help to facilitate strategic thinking for business owners and teams.

HERE’S AN EXAMPLE OF HOW: An experienced travel company director approached The Submission Writer to help launch a new business. The business was in it’s infancy with no web presence, no team and no guiding strategy to communicate it’s core purpose or service offering.

It was all in the directors head.

Our team facilitated a workshop to define the core business, identify strengths, opportunities and develop the new brand. We worked to design a web brief and supply content for the new website. We worked with the development team to respond to an EOI opportunity. In three short months the business was up and running having won their first major contract.


  • Strategic Planning Workshops

  • Re-visiting your Vision and Mission

  • Marketing Research and Trends Analysis

  • Business Continuity and Risk

  • Transition Planning

  • Business Case Proposals

  • Project Proposals for Events and Creative Industries