Business Coach Service includes:

Do you have a specific target you need to reach but just aren’t quite sure how to get there?

Meeting with The Submission Writer on a weekly basis will help you define and explore successful strategies and actions to help you achieve your business goals.

Our team will provide documented progress and mentor you through a program of tailored professional development.

Topics include:
1. 2020-2021 P
roduct Positioning Snapshot
Our Positioning Snapshot will apply new insights to your products, services, relationships and plans – a report that identifies areas of business where you need to shift.

2.  Comms and Marketing Review
Starting with your core markets, we will assess the impact of 2020 changes in short and long term customer behaviours. Does your comms and marketing strategy respond to 2020 -2021 ‘Covid-normal’ trends.

3. Skills and Structural Review
As your business adjusts, what does your team need to look like? Can a technology solution help you achieve greater efficiency? We can help assess your HR requirements and identify some effective 21st century solutions to managing effective teams.

4. Funding and Grant Sourcing for Business Development
Drawing on specialised skills in grant writing, we can help identify and source eligible business development opportunities to energise your future business. (To view our dedicated Grant writing services: click here )

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