Community Event Sponsorship

With many years of experience managing tourism and community events, we understand what is takes to grow and attract long-term sponsors and how important this work is to your event’s financial sustainability.

Let us help secure your event budget with a professionally designed sponsorship prospectus that positions your event as a premium brand.

We’ll work with your team to:

  • Devise a strategy that delivers on budgetary targets
  • Design and pitch your sponsorship prospectus
  • Follow up on leads and opportunities.

“Well done on your sponsorship offer. It’s not often that we receive such a professional and well written prospectus. It was a pleasure to read and we’d be happy to confirm a silver level sponsorship again in 2013”  – David Matthiesson, Elders Insurance Leongatha in support of the Hinterland Scarecrow Festival.

David Matthiesson, Elders Insurance - Leongatha


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