This memorandum proposes a 12 month contractor relationship for the provision of Australian Tourism Awards writing.
    Proposed on:

    Todays date

    Nelly Shaw
    Director – The Submission Writer
    T: 0409 564 154   E:


    As represented by:


    All categories
    1st submission - $12,500 + GST
    2 or more submissions - full fee for first submission with a 15% discount on subsequent submissions for the same business and assessment period.

    Proposed payment schedule:
    Agreed fees and associated costs will be invoiced as a proportion of total costs relating to activities delivered over the period.

    Upfront payment 1 - 25% + GST
    Activities: Annual business review and research, analysis of judges feedback, set up sharing platforms and submission strategy.

    Payment 2 – 25% + GST (May-Apr)
    Activities: Q1 & 2 drafts underway, business development improvements suggested, nomination complete.

    Payment 3 – 25% + GST (July)
    Activities: Q3, 4 &5 underway and Q1 & 2 finalised - client review and changes.

    Payment 4 – 25% + GST (Aug -Sept)
    Activities: Approved all submission responses and graphics, upload and submit in portal, advice for judges visit.

    Payment terms - 14 days from issue of invoice. Please Note: Should you have internal processes that cause delays beyond a 14 day payment, our team will suggest a two payment schedule of $6,250 + GST invoiced in March and July with 4 week payment terms.


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